Cybersecurity Warrior – Certification

March 9, 2017

Program Description

Learn key skills of Cybersecurity and earn a Certificate from the Starweaver Institute.

Today, the necessity of strong Cybersecurity measures is self evident. A proliferation of cyber attacks is causing increasing damage to companies, governments and individuals. Yahoo’s disclosure of a massive breach is still making headlines. Organizations need to respond to this increased threat by adopting strict cybersecurity measures. Starweaver is here to help you and your organization respond, building you into CyberWarriors with our 7-Part Webinar series focused on helping you know you to prevent, and face cyber attacks.

The Series

Part I: Building a Security Skills Foundation

Part II: Leveraging Wireshark for Security

Part III: Essential Defensive Strategies

Part IV: Building a Cyber Range

Part V: Penetration Testing Unveiled

Part VI: Intrusion Analysis

Part VII: Intrusion Handling

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