Scrum and Agile Ready: Tools and Techniques Certification

December 5, 2014
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Program Description  

The Starweaver Institute “Scrum and Agile Ready: Tools and Techniques Certification” provides a comprehensive set of knowledge and skills in Scrum and Agile.  This is a “Deep Dive” program which covers all the principles and practices you need to know to apply Scrum and Agile in your environment, as well as develop and manage Scrum and Agile team.

Importantly, this program is designed to ensure those who are not involved in the day-to-day management of either Scrum or Agile in the technology environment understand how to apply Scrum and Agile practices in their daily work.  This includes applications of Scrum and Agile in business development, marketing, operations, legal and other fields, as well as its traditional IT focus.

Who Should Enroll

Any professional working who has a need to understand the principles, practices, tools and techniques of Scrum and Agile, including those not involved in the day-to-day management of either Scrum or Agile in the technology environment.  This includes students and professionals who seek to work in organizations and settings where Scrum or Agile is implemented, or being implemented

Modules and Components In Curriculum

  • Agile Introduction and Agile Framework
  • Scrum Events, Ceremonies and Artifacts
  • Scrum Roles
  • Agile Estimation, Planning and Management
  • Agile Execution for Critical Programs
  • Agile Metrics and Tools
  • Sharing and Distributing Agile Concepts
  • Definition of Done / Ready
  • User Story Creation and defining acceptance criteria
  • Application Lifecycle Management Tools: JIRA, Project, Rally and Others


Study Requirements and Delivery

Delegates for this certification are expected to undertake between 1 – 2 hours effort per week. This grid below indicates the types of activities that delegates would undertake.

Learning Activity Time allocated
Live, online lectures and review        8 hours
Pre-recorded, online audio-video lectures        8 hours
Online instructor and delegate discussion forum        3 hours
Online, self-study activities, exercises and quizzes        1 hours
Assessment preparation and Mastery Exam        1 hours
Total Hours        20 hours

This certification is a blended education approach combining:

  • Live, online lectures and reviews;
  • Pre-recorded, online audio-video self-study materials;
  • Online, self-study activities, exercises, and quizzes;
  • Online learning community through facilitated discussion forums, chat rooms and LiveHelp; and
  • A comprehensive student manual which serves as the guide for education activity.

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of this certificate program, you will be able to:

  • Understand the origins of Agile and Scrum and the values and principles that define them.
  • Describe the essential values, roles, meetings, and artifacts that define the Scrum framework.
  • Discuss the practices that support designing and delivering great products in Scrum and Agile.
  • Recognize obstacles and help facilitate removing these obstacles.
  • Explain what Sprint meetings are about: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective.
  • Define Scrum artifacts and visibility tools for tracking and facilitating decision-making.
  • Use Scrum to help your team and organization improve.
  • Understand the key tools that are used to manage Scrum and Agile initiatives.

Certification Assessment

A 35-question Mastery Test must be passed to complete this Certification, with at least 25 questions answered correctly. Delegates may attempt the Mastery Test three (3) times, or if they do not succeed must wait 3 months to attempt the Mastery Test again. Mastery Tests are online.

Course completion requirements

Delegates must successfully complete all subjects within one (1) year of the initial date of enrollment. Typical delegates can achieve this qualification within 2 months.

Course Admission requirements

Delegates must be working or intending to work in a corporate, government, non-profit or other institutional setting where Agile and/or Scrum are used.

The Starweaver Institute reserves the right to modify, change or substitute Courses or Learning Units at any time, to guarantee a relevant and balanced learning experience.

Delegates have lifetime access to the content for this Certification